Recently in December 2020, your Harrisburg Rotary Foundation donated $15,000 to the Harrisburg School District in our shared effort to fight poverty and homelessness. 
The funds will be used in a three-pronged approach to:
1. Provide school supplies such as backpacks, pens, and paper as well as help students get their school uniforms for those in need. 
2.  To help fund the district's lunch and weekend feeding programs that provide meals for not only school age students but also younger siblings/family members.
3. To help homeless students and families get back on their feet through money for rent assistance, household supplies, beds, and bedding, as well as other essentials. 
The Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation serves as the liaison between the Rotary Foundation and the Harrisburg School District, and we couldn’t be prouder of the shared work being done together to uplift the children of the district!
A big thank you everyone involved!  Especially our Harrisburg Rotary Foundation Board! 
They are:  Andy Rebuck (President), Carolyn Dumaresq, Wil Everhart, Steve Feinour, Mike Jaeger, Sam Levine, Larry Means, Charlie Santiago, Steve Schwartz, Curt Stutzman, & Sue Ward-Diorio.