A Rotary Club of Harrisburg service project during September’s Service month is a perfect example of how your donations to the Rotary International Foundation come back to fulfill needs in our own community. 
In what was expected to take two days by Habitat for Humanity took only one because of four focused club Rotarians including:  Addeline Allianz, the RCH executive director, Dominic DeYulis (a new RCH member), Alicia Federick, Toni Mark, Scott Stevens (RCH Vice President and Co-chair HFH) and Matt Tenny (RCH Member). 
Funding for the project came from Habitat resources, the District Matching Grant request made during Matt Staub’s presidential year and the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation.
According to Stevens, “Habitat projects can use all levels of construction skills.  We were very pleased that the four of us came with above average skills and our own tools.  I think this gave us a distinctive step up and speedier progress.”
He also points out that Habitat always has projects on their radar.  Says Stevens, “We’d like to get into Fall and Spring rhythm with Habitat by doing hand-on projects that also can get every Rotarian involved.  Please join us.  Getting your hands dirty can really make a difference for you and for others.”
Tenny’s personal comments about the project, “We all worked very well together and along with HFH staff.  It was a good plan with good execution.  Everyone involved working hard. I enjoyed this experience and I am looking forward to the next project!”