PDG Sammy Hsiao was the team leader of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program between D7250 and D3520 in Taiwan. The participants were: PDG Eileen Gentilcore, DGE Mario Moran, PP Ronny Kessler, PP John Ryan and President Veronica Tsang. Our hosting District was District 3520 and the District Governor is To Wong. Sammy Hsiao coordinated this initiative with ADG Amy Wang and President Chuko from Taipei Pei An RC.

Our team was received by five different clubs in D3520. We had a very pleasant experience and wonderful interactions with the club members of these clubs. Our activities included attending club meetings, making presentation about our club and District 7250 and exchanging of club banners and ideas how to best serving the communities. We also have a chance to do some sightseeing accompanied by the local clubs. We attended the Double-Tenth National Day Parade followed by a reception in the Taipei Guest House Hosted by the President of Taiwan. All the local clubs treated us very generously with delicious cuisine and showered us with souvenirs.

We all have made a lot of new friends ten thousand miles around the globe. Although we live in different part of the world and we all have different background, one thing we have in common is the Rotary Club and the desire we have to help others and service above self.