Posted on Jun 06, 2019
On June 1, 2019 Lynn Rotary members participated in the monthly Mobile Food Distribution, mainly fresh produce, at the Lynn Salvation Army Headquarters.  Rotarians Richard Ruth, Steve Upton, Paul Price, Kathy Gupta Dan Cahill and Bill Reilly assisted with the distribution to over 400 families.  In addition to those Rotarians, friends of them, Sally Chapman, Lorry Willis, and Diane Reilly were a great addition to the effort.  Some students from both the Lynn Classical and Swampscott Interact clubs also were there to lighten the load.  There are other volunteers as well, but sometimes the Rotary volunteers make the difference between an easy distribution and a more difficult one.
We generally arrive about 7:00 am, and finish around 9:30 am.  Prior to the actual distribution of the food items it generally is necessary to take some of the loose produce items: apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges, and bag them to make for easy distribution once the guests start coming in around 7:30.  We also bag other items such as cans of tuna, tomato sauce, rice, barley, navy beans to make for smooth distribution.  This past month fresh eggs were also available.
The mobile food distribution is coordinated by Greater Lynn Catholic Charities and is open to all low income residents.  It is quite rewarding to be able to provide fresh produce and other items to the guests.  They are very appreciative of what they receive.  The Lynn Rotarians have been involved in this activity for about the past four year.
In addition to the food items, Dan Cahill, a member of the Swampscott Rotary Club, brings in clothing from Swampscott schools.  Primarily unclaimed clothing from the lost and found boxes.  Most of the clothing is well known brands and in very good condition.
Special thanks to Rotary member and Salvation Army Commander Kevin Johnson for making the facility available.
Click on Read More to see Pictures.  The first picture shows Richard Ruth and Sally Chapman awaiting the guests.  The second picture is Kathy Gupta and Paul Price bagging items for distribution.  The other pictures show the guests waiting for the doors to open and going through the line.
Richard Ruth and Sally Chapman await the guests.Kathy Gupta and Paul Price bagging items for distributionGuests waiting for the doors to open for business.Open for business