The 101st annual pre-Thanksgiving Football Luncheon, hosted by Lynn Rotary, was held on Tuesday November 21, 2023 at the Lynn Knights of Columbus
The luncheon is to get the Captains from the five Lynn High School football teams together for a friendly gathering before the Thanksgiving games.  Also included were the Cheerleader Captains and the Band Director.  The event Chairperson, Sean Reid, said: “Even though there is this tremendous long standing rivalry we are still one Lynn”. This year marks the 109th Thanksgiving game between Classical and English! 
This luncheon was started in 1920 when only Classical and English High Schools existed, now there are five High Schools: Classical, English, Technical Vocational, St. Mary’s, and KIPP Academy.  It is thought that some of the boys at the first luncheon had fathers who did not survive World War I, and it was a way for Rotary to remember them.  This year marked the 101st gathering.  Mayor Jared Nicholson spoke about how the players will look back at the game with fond memories, win or lose.  He thanked the Rotary Club for hosting the event for 101 years.  Other dignitaries also spoke, giving encouragement to all.   The Athletic Directors, the Captains of all teams spoke.  Sean Reid recognized the financial sponsors; the four major Credit Unions in Lynn: Brotherhood, Metro, Riverworks, and St. Jean’s.  He also presented plaques in recognition of their support of the luncheon, without their support it would be difficult to continue with this luncheon.
The picture is of the Credit Union representatives.  Left to right:  Jean-Marie Minton, President Lynn Rotary; Adam Sherman, Brotherhood; David Surface, St. Jeans; Peter Kopoulos, Riverworks and Sean Reid, Lynn Rotary.  Metro representative was not present.