Looking for a heart-warming cause to occupy an otherwise cold January day? Then look to the Women's Bean Project, "A nationally-recognized social enterprise that offers a transitional job in gourmet food manufacturing and handmade jewelry assembly designed to provide women immediate income, arrange support services to overcome barriers to employment, and teach the job readiness skills needed to get and keep a job."  
We had the privilege to tour the Women's Bean Project facility where we toured the warehouse, learned about the history of the building (an old firehouse!), and shopped for tasty treats. But more importantly, we learned about the Women's Bean Project's mission - to empower chronically unemployed women with job training so that they can successfully find employment after the program.
(Women's Bean Project Tour Host, Stacy)
(The Upstairs Storefront)
(Old Firehouse Lockers Converted to Employee Lockers)
(Milena Shopping for Some Yummy Eats!) 
The mission is powerful; the women's stories are both gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring, and the products for purchase is of the utmost quality. It was a lovely and soul-fulfilling experience that we can't recommend enough. Come by the Women's Bean Project to shop its store and/or schedule a tour of your own to learn even more about this wonderful project.
To learn more about the Women's Bean Project, visit https://www.womensbeanproject.com/