Posted by Mike Greaney on Jul 10, 2019
On Tuesday July 9th Susan Coward of the Recover Urban Wellness Project gave a presentation on the their work to affect positive change with marginalized youth and adults in Edmonton.
Launched by the City of Edmonton in 2017, The Recover Urban Wellness Project attempts to reconcile the specific needs of marginalized individuals with support groups, businesses and area residents that interact with them on a regular basis.
Three issues that the project attempted to address were the following:
1. How to best meet the needs of highly marginalized people
2. How to support thriving communities
3. How do we plan wellness services that consider the cumulative effects on neighbourhoods.
Using the principle of Ethnography, Recover project workers conduct interviews to determine what motivates and empowers vulnerable members of the population.  As vouched by Rotary Club member Paige Reeves, who has assisted in the interview process.
To learn more about this City of Edmonton initiative please visit: