On Tuesday August 20th , Laurie de Grace, Executive Director of McDougall House, gave a presentation on the association’s history and the work it does in the field of addiction treatment.

Established in 1969, McDougall House is a second stage live-in treatment centre for women recovering from substance addiction.  Clients spend an average of three months at the centre modelling healthier lifestyles and developing the coping skills necessary to make self-medication less compelling.


Located in a central Edmonton residential neighbourhood, McDougall House had been operating at the same address since 1973, rebuilding on the site in 1999. The land that the current house sits on has recently been sold and a location half a block away has been provided for the building to be moved to.  Until the house is ready to be re-occupied the Edmonton Inn Hotel has been providing accommodation.  


Laurie de Grace holds a Masters Degree in Behavioural Medicine, where she specialized in studying the role of physical activity and sport in the development of substance abuse.  McDougall House operates as a registered charity.  for more information or to make a donation go to https://www.mcdougallhouse.com/