Posted by Scott Young on Aug 24, 2018
Contributing to a loan helped a member to buy plastic for another greenhouse, pepper seeds, and fertilizer to expand her business.
I chose to fund this project on behalf of our club because Chenaimoyo:
  • Is a parent
  • Has some business training
  • Is using it to build a greenhouse (I like greenhouses) so she can expand her business
  • She wants to promote healthy living
Chenaimoyo's story
Chenaimoyo is a lady aged 44 residing in Meyrick Park, Harare, who always tries to develop herself. She does horticulture at her parents’ house where she resides. She is a divorced mother of two delightful children whom she has never turned her eyes away from. She is managing to pay her children’s fees from the proceeds of her business.
Chenaimoyo used to keep broilers when she joined Thrive Microfinance with Notley Group, consisting of neighborhood friends. The training they attended gave them insight on how they can grow their businesses through borrowing.
She used her first loan to buy broilers and feed since that was her main source of income. With her profits she started the business of horticulture because her greenhouse was lying idle. Currently she has yellow and red peppers in one of her greenhouses.
Chenaimoyo wants to use her portion of the loan to buy plastic sheeting for another greenhouse, pepper seeds, and fertilizer to expand her business. This will help her to utilize the space she has and grow her business. She also expects to start farming other vegetables and promote a healthy living to more clients.
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