Learn how to Compost!
May 21, 2019 6:00 PM
Nicole Spring
Learn how to Compost!

Master Composter Nicole Spring from Veg in Yeg will be teaching us how to compost in our own backyards.

In this class you will learn the important environmental benefits of composting, as well as the science of what composting is and the organisms behind it.

If the weather is good we'll visit a community compost facility at the Veg In YEG Urban Farm. This is a typical outdoor compost pile set-up. She'll demonstrate how to build a pile, maintain it and turn/'fluff' it.

Nicole Spring Veg in Yeg

Please wear outdoor shoes!

She will also bring along my indoor worm composting bin and show you how to set up one of your own, teach you how to take care of worms (they are like pets), recommend places to source them, and basically convince you that you need some!

Here is where her garden is located in Garneau:

Plan B is to hold it at the Rooster Cafe & Kitchen if weather does not permit having the class outside.