Here is the meeting schedule effective July 1st:

Week 1 - Monday Noon Meeting at Cedar Ridge
Week 2 - Committee Meeting (located anywhere/anytime deemed appropriate by each committee head)
Week 3 - Monday Noon Meeting at Cedar Ridge
Week 4 - Monday evening social meeting at a mobile location TBA (bring guests and spouses!)
Week 5 - No meeting (see details below)

**Weeks always begin on Monday. For example: Week 1 in July begins Monday, 7/7/14.


Details/Goals: Week 1&3 seem to be self-explanatory as they are business as usual. Week 2 is a change worth explaining further... In an effort to get our committees functioning regularly and efficiently, our club will NOT meet for lunch meet during Week 2 of any given month. Instead, during Week 2, it will be up to the committee head to work with their group to ensure that members meet during the week to conduct their business. Committee heads will be getting more info of this soon... Stay tuned! Week 4 will be similar in nature to the current mobile meeting structure where the goal is to provide time for us to meet in an informal setting, build fellowship, and have the freedom network at our leisure.

Be advised that if there is a 5th Monday in a month, we will NOT have a meeting. For 2014-2015, this will occur four times: September & December '14 and March & June '15. The only exception will be Week 5 in June 2015 when our Paul Harris banquet will take place. The other three Week 5’s noted will not have a meeting.

**Finally, please continue to use our online club calendar as a scheduling resource (, click “Calendar” at the top). The intent is to keep this up to date with not only club meeting times but also with the times/places that committees will meet.

If any questions ensue, please don't hesitate to email William Schroeder at