The very first West Bend Rotary sponsored Seafood Fest was held June 14-16, 1991. The idea for Seafood Fest came from a Rotary Club in Marquette, Michigan. West Bend Rotary members traveled to the Marquette, MI to see how their Fest was run and were impressed.  The idea was then implemented here in West Bend and the rest is history!

The need for a fund-raiser stemmed from a decision made 7 years prior to the start of Seafood Fest to help preserve West Bend's wetlands and natural waterways. The West Bend Rotary group emphatically decided to lend a hand to the second phase of the Riverwalk expansion project and pledged $110,000 to do so.

There was initial apprehension regarding the organization of an event this size, but outstanding turnouts for the 3 day event left organizers pleased with the results. Even with a fair amount of rain on the first night, many people dropped by Regner Park to see what all the excitement was about. By all measures, the event was deemed a success. All told, 875 lobsters were sold over the course of the event.

Seafood Fest  continues on today and is as popular as ever. This year's event is scheduled for June 3-5, 2011. This is the West Bend Noon Rotary's largest annual fundraiser. The proceeds from this 3-day event primarily fund the Waterways Foundation.


To learn more about the very first Seafood Fest, you can read more by clicking on the following links to bring up newspaper articles and informative items from June 1991.