The Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview was chartered on September 1, 2005. Our membership is made up of Rotarians dedicated to local and international service as well as to maintaining the highest level of ethics in our personal and professional lives. The Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview Foundation is a registered 501(c)3.

In October 2011, the Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview was chosen to participate in a Rotary pilot program to establish satellite clubs. Satellite club members belong to the Rotary club but meet at different times and/or different locations. Through this satellite program, the Chicago Lakeview Twilight club was created.
In the spring/summer of 2014, the Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview and its satellite club, Chicago Lakeview Twilight merged. This resulted in one meeting location and one meeting time for the combined group. We now meet on a weekly basis.


We certainly wouldn't be who and where we are today, if it weren't for those who chartered our club!

Judy Brady
Mark Knight*
Jason Schael
Anne Crevi
Teddi Olson**
Thomas Scheckel
James Damato*
Felix Quintiliani
Robert Smith
Bob Drake
Katy Radek
Roger Staedtke*
Tracy Fields
Mina Radia
Donald Staley
Elizabeth Gillette
Jessica Ritter
David Valkema
Susan Hagan
Thomas Rotz
Robert Wall
Michael Kenney
John Sandberg
Niki Zohrab
Kathleen Kessenich
Lisa Sandberg
    * Denotes Active Member
** Denotes Honorary Member