Joey Baldwin talks to the club about his new job as the WSC Golf Coach.
Joey attended high school in Bellevue, NE and received his bachelors degree at WSC. He is married to the former Kari Harder and they have two sons. At WSC, he participated in baseball and golf. After college he worked 8 years in the Kansas City area as a police officer and moved back to Wayne to be closer to family. He was a part owner of the Rain Tree liquor store until a year ago when he was hired to be the women's golf coach at WSC. He has spent the past year on the road looking for golfing talent for WSC. He felt there was a better chance to do that by attending golf tournaments and meeting with students and their families face to face. Prior to the covid-19 shutdown he got commitments from 5 student athletes.  He can have as many as 10 on a team which he plans to have by this time next year. He told us 12 schools in the conference of 16 have women's golf. He feels this group can compete immediately with scores of 72-84 from the whites. Besides playing at conference events they are scheduled to play in Sioux Falls, KS, and AZ as well. He has studied and passed exams to be labeled a PGA Professional. He will continue those studies to be a better teacher/coach of the sport especially from the mental as well as the physical aspect. He has been assisting the new club pro/Wayne CC manager, Kyle Shellpeper teach a number of youngsters how to play golf this summer as well. And he is currently the best amature at Wayne CC!