Jason Gehling, owner/manager of Fyre-Tec, which manufactures fire rated steel windows and is located on E. Hwy 35 in Wayne, spoke to our club on September 11.  The ex-banker and his wife recently purchased the business which originally was a spin off from the Rusco Window company in 1991.  They make the windows either 45 or 60 minute ratings.  Most of the windows are needed in certain locations in commercial buildings so they are made to look like the rest of the windows but with fire a fire rating.  They make all sizes, types, of windows that will close if and when a fire occurs.  Their main competition is or either coast so they often have a shipping advantage by being in the Midwest.  Most of their products go to large cities.  The special glass comes from Japan and the window frame material from the East Coast.  They can usually deliver their windows quicker than their competition which is a large advantage.  Their average order is four windows an average cost per window is $2100.