District Governor Roxy Orr visited Wayne on her tour of District 5650.  DG Orr and Area Governor Sherri Prim were guests of the Wayne Club at a Social held at the Birch Room.  Both attended the regular club meeting the next morning at 7 am at Tacos & More.  DG Orr shared her 3 main areas of focus for the coming year, Membership, Foundation Giving, and Public Image with the members gathered in person and via ZOOM.  it was also announced that the Wayne Club was recognized as #3 in the top 10 clubs in the District and the Vocational Service award for Medium Size Clubs for the Robotics Kits provided tothe new After School Program.
DG Orr was feated in the weekly trivia and subjected to a mind reading skit reminiscent of Carnac the Magnificent featuring Gary Weddel and Darrell Miller before being presented with the club's decorated version of a cement chicken.