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   Wayne Rotary began with an organizational meeting on December 4, 1985.  The Norfolk Noon Rotary Club was to sponsor the new club but because of a blizzard, the meeting was canceled.  It was not until February 24, 1987, that a second organizational meeting was called.  It was at this meeting that the decision to make the Wayne Club a "breakfast club" and the Norfolk Noon Rotary Club would be their sponsors.  April 15, 1987 was sign-up for the new club.  Thirteen men attended this meeting.  They were:  Gil Haase, Joe Lowe, Lyle Skov, Rod Tompkins, Clyde Flowers, Morris Anderson, Galen Wiser, Donald Hudman, Felix Dorcey, Donald Cleary, Cliff Peters, Bob Sheckler, and Steve Schumacher.  Two additional members signed on April 25:  Rich Zrust and Jon Putnam.  On May 13, 1987, five more members signed up:  Doug Sturm, Marty Summerfield, Robert Tiegs, Vince Leighty, and Larry Carr.  Election of officers was held with the following being elected:  Gil Haase - President, Don Hudman - Vice President/President-Elect, Lyle Skov - Secretary, Galen Wiser - Treasurer, Clyde Flowers - International Service, Morris Anderson - Vocational Service, Richard Zrust - Club Service, Marty Summerfield - Community Service, and Larry Carr - Sergeant at Arms.
   On May 27, 1987, the territorial limits of the club were determined to be that of Wayne County.  Admission fee was established at $20.00 and quarterly fees at $10.00.  On May 28, 1987, the President of the Norfolk Noon Rotary Club signed the Wayne Charter and attached a $200 charter fee donated by the Norfolk club and sent both to the District Governor to be forwarded to Rotary International in Evanston, Illinois.  On June 8, 1987, the charter was signed by the International President M.A.T. Caparas, welcoming Wayne to the worldwide Rotary International.  Charter night was set for June 24, 1987, at the Black Knight Restaurant.  Norfolk Noon President Wesley E. Sohl made the gavel for the Wayne Club along with soliciting funds from other clubs to pay for the start-up supplies (banner, pins, etc.).