Polio Eradication
Sep 22, 2020
Maria Delivoria, Greece
Polio Eradication

Marie Delivoria was born in Patras, Greece. In 1975 she graduated from the Arsakeio School of Patras, gaining honours and being admitted 3rd into the Physics Department of the School of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Patras from where she graduated with honours once more, in 1979. She then studied Physical Medicine in Paris, at the Rene Descartes Hospital.         

Upon her return to Greece and, out of love for children, she applied for and was appointed as a Physics teacher at the Arsakeia Schools, the oldest educational organization in Greece. It was there that she served her profession and held the position of Deputy Director of the 2nd Tositsio - Arsakeio Gymnasium of Ekali.

For a number of years she was the General Secretary of the Union of Greek Physicists and is a member of the Patras Association of Athens and the Alumni Association of the Educational Society (Arsakeia schools).
In addition, she is an active member of the Friends of the Benaki Museum, the most historic museum organization in the country with strong cultural and social activities.

She is married to Makis Vassiliadis, an electrical engineer, retired Navy officer, and they have two children - Nikos, a NTUA naval and mechanical engineer, and Katerina, a pharmacist.

She speaks English and French.

Marie Delivoria was a founding member of R.C Psychiko in 1993 and has held numerous Rotary positions, in 2008-09 she was the first female DG of Greece for RID2470. Holding this position, during her serving year, she undertook the organization of a very successful GETS and Zone 20 Institute event. She has been the President of the Membership and Extension Committee, a Trainer and  President for the Public Image Committee for the RID2470  for the past five years. She is currently also the ARPIC for  Zone 21B. She is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Major Donour of the Rotary Foundation, and a Benefactor. She has also served as Assistant Coordinator of Zone 20B RID. She has been honoured with the Meritorious Citation of RI, as well as with the highest award of RI, ‘Service Above Self’.