Posted by Mary Hammond
Jamie Meyer with Romeo Entertainment Group explains Romeo Entertainment Group is an agency who contracts big name entertainment for nearly 65 years.  The founder was Don Romeo who is credited with starting entertainment at fairs. He started his business in Omaha, NE and now has offices in both Omaha and Nashville, TN. He was honest and transparent and did business with a handshake. He had booked talents as famous as Sinatra, Lassie, and the Rolling Stones.  The Academy of Country Music Awards are named after Don. Today, REG books about 200 shows , with up to 30 entertainers each, and negotiate 500 contracts per year with national artists. 
            Jamie asked, “why hire a company to book a show?” She said they are all over the country and route artists for agents, and ultimately, they will save you money and a headache in the end. They can effectively negotiate a price . . . artists managers may not be honest and may charge you more than $20,000 more than usual going price.   Concerts tend not to be a money maker, the food and beverage is usually where the profits are. Her group considers other expenses i.e. backline (the price to rent equipment for those artist who fly vs those who bring with on their touring bus). And they are the only independently owned agency that can bypass “certain language” in contracts
            Jamie said with Rotary adding a national act for our fifth show, she would encourage us to consider in the future: 
  1. paid admission i.e. $5-$10 to generate revenue for our organization
  2. silent auction items i.e. David Victor will autograph a guitar to auction off. Rotary can sell raffle tickets to generate revenue
  3. offer concessions and food trucks (must acquire City permits) with percentage of profits go to Rotary contracts (maybe just for the 5thshow).