The speaker at the April 2, 2019, Norfolk Rotary Club meeting was Gil Russell, Norfolk Country Club General Manager. Steve Busskohl arranged today’s program.


Gil has been in Norfolk for about 15 months. He grew up in Grant, Nebraska. He attended Concordia College for one year then transferred to UNL. Gil wanted to have a profession in the golfing industry. He graduated from UNL as a Class A PGA Member with a Turfgrass Business Degree.


After an internship in Omaha, Gil spent seven years at Arbor Links in Nebraska City. Here he gained a lot of managerial experience. In December 2017, he was hired as the General Manager at the Norfolk Country Club. He has a wife and two children.


The Norfolk Country Club currently has three PGA professionals on staff. The staff covers the grounds, the pro shop, the kitchen, and the club. Staffing has undergone some restructuring to achieve the goal of being one business instead of several smaller ones.


Former Norfolk Country Club President, Barry Gerber, started the new vision of the Norfolk Country Club about three years ago. Gil and his staff have worked to institute that vision which includes:


-points to membership.

-positive narrative.

-financially positive.

-deliver a country club experience.

-one business one team.

-become a better place to work.

-capital investment in club.

-become vibrant social club.

-grow membership.


Gil stated that the club is really concentrating on the last three points now.


The capital improvement plan for the Norfolk Country Club includes:


-clubhouse renovations of $1.2 million.

-grounds improvements of $200,000.

-pool improvements of $300,000.


Local businesses and contractors were hired for the renovations and improvements. Gil showed some pictures of the renovations. The goal of the clubhouse renovations is to make the country club experience more casual and to create better flow in the building setup.


Different types of memberships are offered. Please contact Gil at the Norfolk Country Club for more information or go to the club’s website at