The speaker at the January 29, 2019, Rotary meeting was Dr. Aguila from Healing Hands.


Dr. Aguila likes making his own decisions so he decided to start Healing Hands here in Norfolk. He compares the business to a family and that there is always a way to do things better. He feels that it is important to never get too comfortable and to always look forward to what is next.


After considering becoming an astronaut, Dr. Aguila went into EMT surgery while in the military. He became interested in doing reconstructive surgery all over the body. He studied under Dr. Lee Dellon at Johns Hopkins and was trained in peripheral nerve surgery and treatments. Not many doctors are trained in peripheral nerve treatments, especially when dealing with carpal tunnel (hand) and tarsal tunnel (feet) syndromes.


Healing Hands concentrates on the following areas:


1)      Allergy testing and treatments.

2)      Ear, nose, and throat issues.

3)      Peripheral neuropathy.


Healing Hands has a financial model that cuts out the middle man and cuts healthcare costs for both patients and employers. The model is based on the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) recommendations. For more information, you can go to By cutting out the 3rd Party administrators (big insurance firms), administrative costs are drastically cut. Healing Hands does perform courtesy billing.