Posted by Mary Hammond
GUEST Speakers:
Dr. Aguila introduced the guest speakers: Lisa Fisher, Director of Operations Strada Healthcare and Ryne Bessmer, Director of Growth Strada Healthcare . . . Another way to approach healthcare.
Ryan Bessmer’s father is Joel Bessmer, MD, (from Plainview, NE).  Dr. Bessmer was  the first doctor that started Direct Primary Care . . . healthcare without insurance. According to Nebraska law, prior to April 2016, it wasn’t legal by for physicians and providers to be paid directly for patient visits.  People had to use insurance to be seen by a doctor for simple care.  Doctors don’t like wasting their time billing insurances to get paid.  The system is not set up to help.  In the insurance reimbursement system, doctors are rewarded when people get sick, not to make people healthy. So, Dr. Bessmer contacted his State Senator and in a few months, the law was changed.  Strada Healthcare was born and he felt doctors could now practice preventative medicine instead of spending their time billing insurance.
With Strada Healthcare, an adult patient pas $99/month and will receive unlimited primary care by that physician or clinic.  You wil have unlimited access to your provider, weekends and holidays.  Longer, more focused visits.  Same day or next day appointments. Calling, texting, and emailing your provider. 
On a business level, the second biggest expense is employee healthcare. This plan gives employees unlimited access to primary care, which is higher quality healthcare and it reduces the number of claims. Therefore, saving the small business large amounts of money!