Mayor Josh Moenning, Stan Staab, and Darryl Novacek from NorthFork Development present  the “River Point Square” proposal to Rotary.  Joe Ferguson, Lon Atwood, and Ron Stauffer are also members promoting this project.

-$ 2.2 Million has been committed to date.  The estimated goal is $ 9 million total to complete project.  The river portion is $ 3 Million (itself). 

-“Kayak Run” is being engineered by RiverWise out of Colorado to develop drops, creating an experience similar to a mild white water rapids .  There will be 8 stops along the Norfolk River, starting at point #1 entry on Benjamin down to take out #8 on east Norfolk Ave. 

-goal is looking at potentially being done in 3 years

-NRD currently has donated $1 Million

-The Sanitation district has committed to eliminate the wall of the river (in the park)

-plans are for a potential splash pad/isce skating rink

-plans include a potential Amphitheater 

-goal is to connect all the walking and biking trails