The speaker at the May 7, 2019, Norfolk Rotary Club meeting was Tony and Lita Stuthman, the owners of North Fork Outfitting. North Fork Outfitting started in 2014 by hauling kayaks along the Elkhorn River. Troy Uhlir, from Burger King, encouraged them to have a place in behind the Burger King on Benjamin. In 2015, North Fork Outfitting bought a shuttle van.


Some key points made by Tony and Lita about North Fork Outfitting were:


-offering two- and four-hour floats down Elkhorn River.

-kayaks, tubes, and cooler tubes are used for the floats down the Elkhorn.

-offer kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and pedal boats out at Skyview Lake

-starting a new office/business location at 2nd Street and Winter in Norfolk.

-offer shuttle service to Valentine for bike rides on Cowboy Trail.

-offering a new launch area on the North Fork off of 1st Street behind the Norfolk Country Club. It takes about an hour to float down to 1st and Braasch from there.

-Will start an Egg & Daughter Night on the first Thursdays of the month during the season.

-Serviced 100 people during their first year in business. Serviced 350 people last year. Goal is to service at least 1,500 people per year.

-Tourism is seeing an increase in this area with national and international travelers wanting to bike on the Cowboy Trail.

-The white-water park being considered by the City of Norfolk would increase business for North Fork Outfitting and would attract more people and businesses to the Norfolk downtown area.


The new business location at 2nd Street and Winter will now offer retail options. North Fork Outfitting will sell and/or rent out the following:


-roller skates from the Chicago Skate Company.




-T-shirts (“Float the Fork”). Each T-shirt will be a limited edition and will add a couple new businesses and streets to each shirt.