A club assembly was held for today’s meeting, so there was not invited speaker.  President Josh Moenning announced that member Dan Spray was recently appointed to the City of Norfolk Planning Commission.  Christine Keller announced that Larissa, our foreign exchange student from Brazil, is finishing her last semester at Norfolk High School and is currently competing on the school’s tennis team.

Local district Rotary grant applications are due by May 31.  It was proposed by John Schmitt that consideration be given to paving a section in front of the Skyview canopy for dancing.  Ron McKeever had been contacted by someone in the community in the past who said her dance studio may be interested in partnering with us to get this accomplished.  City officials would need to be contacted and approve such a project.  Also, Josh Moenning said there are some needs at Central Park that the funds could potentially be used for.

John announced that he contacted the Village Clerk in Pilger about donating $11,000 to their community that was given by an individual as well as a Rotary collection taken last summer at Music in the Park.  The clerk will get back to us after their town board meeting when they will discuss how to use the funds.

Discussion was held on donating $1,000 to TeamMates.  A vote was taken with a motion made by Robb Thomas to give this donation and was seconded by Jan Einspahr.  Motion carried.  John will contact Susie Buss about a time to meet for the presentation of the donation.

Sherri Prim brought Music in the Park posters that were available for everyone to distribute throughout the area.  It is expected that Rotarians will distribute posters to any businesses that were solicited for sponsorships as well as other businesses.

A club member is needed to present an award at the annual honors night at the Norfolk Jr. High on May 18.

Two new members were inducted into the Norfolk Rotary Club today.  Dan Spray of Connecting Point, is sponsored by Josh Moenning and Brian Sterud of Faith Regional Health Services is sponsored by John Schmitt.

NOTICE:  All future Norfolk Rotary Club meetings will take place at the Black Cow, Fat Pig Pub and Steak in downtown Norfolk.  Members may enter the meeting room using the west door facing Norfolk Ave.  Next week, R.C. Duskin of the Salvation Army will present on “Bridges Out of Poverty.”

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary



New member inductions:  Sponsor Josh Moenning, new member Dan Spray, new member Brian Sterud, sponsor John Schmitt