At today’s meeting, President Josh Moenning thanked those who helped set up the manger scene at First Baptist Church last Tuesday afternoon.

J. Paul McIntosh was recognized for his recent birthday.  Noted for having December Rotary membership anniversaries were David Cox; 1 year, Kathryn Svik; 1 year, and Christine Mimick-Keller; 6 years.

Lou Siefker, a detective with the Norfolk Police Dept., gave a program discussing his responsibilities.  He is one of four detectives on the Norfolk force.  Mr. Siefker started out with an interest in broadcasting, eventually turning to law enforcement.  On a part time basis, he does sports broadcasting at a local radio station and has also competed in the Great American Comedy Festival amateur competition.

Lou talked about several cases that he has worked on over the years, relating some of the more difficult cases that involved youth.  He brought and showed a bag of investigative tools that he uses when going on an investigation.

Detective Siefker was accompanied by Diane Becker, the City of Norfolk Communications Director.

Stan Christensen asked members to get involved and help with the preparation of the Fat Tuesday celebration as they had done last year.  The upcoming event will take place on February 17.

A sign-up sheet was available again today as more volunteers are needed for bell ringing on Sat., December 20.

The speaker at next Tuesday’s meeting will be Kara Weander-Gaster of the Norfolk Arts Center.

Submitted by:

John Schmitt, Secretary