The speaker at the February 26, 2019 Rotary meeting was Amber Anderson, the Public Relations Manager for the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska (ASNN).


The shelter was founded in 1995 as mostly a volunteer-run facility that focused on pet foster families. Currently, there are 8 paid employees with 2 of those being full time with a countless number of volunteers. The shelter is funded strictly through donations and does not receive state funding. It takes approximately $14,000 per month to operate the facility; however, that figure can vary depending on staffing and animals that are on hand at the shelter.


The shelter is a “no suffer” facility, meaning animals are not euthanized unless there is a major health issue. The facility participates in the Paws to Read program at the Norfolk Public Library where animals are read to by patrons that are at least 6 years of age. The ASNN also has programs with the Zone, After Shock, and Bright Horizons on a weekly basis.


In 2018, the ASNN placed 704 animals in homes. Of that figure, 125 animals came from a high-kill shelter in Texas. The ASNN works with several other shelters in the Midwest and South as several southern states have an overpopulation of animals/pets. Dogs can be boarded for $25 per night and cats can also be boarded here for $15 per night.


The ASNN will have various promotions throughout the year to encourage pet adoption such as the Black Friday promotion and the free adult cat promotion (cat is free in exchange for two donated items). Blankets and food are great donation items.


Here are the current adoption fees:


$150 for a dog

$300 for a puppy

$100 fee for kittens (0 – 6 months old)

$50 fee for cat (6 – 12 months old)

$0 for cat over a year old


The fees go to help support the facility and to cover costs associated with spaying/neutering, shots, and chipping the animals.