A Wellspring of Generosity !
The Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group is a small social service agency helping to meet the needs of
Northeastern Connecticut residents for over 29 years. Through a wide variety of programming we aim to
provide a "hand up" to all who walk through our doors.
President elect Rick Place thanks Anne Miller, Executive Director of TEEG for her presentation. 

TEEG’s mission is to strengthen the local community by Empowering individuals to live independently; Strengthening families to live respectfully; Engaging the community to work collaboratively; and Connecting resources to promote a better future for all.

The story of how the TEEG building was built is not unlike many from childhood… rich with lessons. Our young faith community members learned lessons in public service. Leaders who moved the project forward learned lessons in patience. Ellis Tech students learned vocational skills in electrical construction, commercial plumbing, patio design and concrete installation. Legislators and local officials learned lessons in community resourcefulness.

The greatest lesson learned is how important it is to give people an opportunity to be a part of something. In this ever more structured world of contracts, policies and risk management, it has become difficult for people to contribute to and participate in public projects. The TEEG building process bucked this trend and invited the community to be part of something meaningful. Everyone who answered the call to donate their time, talents and treasures were repaid not with money but rather a sense of ownership and community pride.

TEEG began in 1987 as a collaborative effort between local churches, government and caring community members and was founded as the Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group.  As we have grown and incorporated additional communities and services, the agency has become known by community (and now statewide!) by its nickname, TEEG!