Posted by Richard Naumann on Mar 06, 2018
 Rotary welcomes
Putnam Mayor Norman “Barney” Seney 
The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Town. As such the Mayor is directly responsible for administration of all appointed Town departments, boards, agencies, and offices. The Mayor insures that all laws and ordinances governing the town are faithfully carried out. The Mayor prepares and submits to the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance the annual budget and keeps the Selectmen fully aware of the financial condition of the Town. We welcome input, suggestions, and even complaints from the community.

Putnam Mayor Norman "Barney" Seney spoke to the Putnam Rotary Club March 6. He praised the club's longstanding commitment to community service, highlighted by all the recent renovations to Rotary Park. He also ran through a long list of projects already underway and projects planned to make Putnam an attractive hub --- a wonderful place to do business and a great place to live.