Rotary Awards Scholarships


The highlight of each Rotary President's year is the awarding of Scholarships to local high school students.  This year the club will give out over $16,000 in scholarship including our first four year scholarship.  Winners standing with Paul Pikora, Putnam Rotary Club president, include:  Briana Wrublaski (TMHS); Natalia Gil (TMHS), Kimberly Fafard (TMHS), Calyn Petre (TMHS), Jaylin Marie Greene (PHS); Carissa Lueth (TMHS), Sherry Deslauriers (PHS); Krystina Lewis (PHS); Ilea Peckham (PHS), John O'Brien Scholarship; Sarah Owen (WA); Cedar Hayes (PHS), Raymond Brousseau Scholarship; Ashley Stanley (TMHS) Leon Archambault Scholarship. Not pictured: Rachel Maryyanek (TMHS), Maurice Beaulac Scholarship. Courtesy photo.