Mayor Falzarano Brings the Club Up to Date;


The Major talked about many issues that are pertinent to the town. Recently, he was told about the results of a survey that determined that food is a major drive for urbanites as is evident in the restaurant area of Putnam. Food brings people together and creates a place for people to meet. He announced that the bridge is going out to bid on September 2nd and that hopefully, the shovel will go in the ground for the new YMCA in October. The town is working hard to collaborate with neighboring towns concerning the Industrial Park. The town hall has new office hours to meet the needs of the community. Mayor Falzarano discussed with Congressman Courtney the need for a VA Regional Center in the area and proposed that the John Dempsey Regional Center would be a great location. On September 16th, the Facilities Committee will be looking at all town buildings – separate committees have been combined into the one Facilities Committee. He urged everyone to visit the new business on Main St., NOMA. It is a great gift shop. There will be a ribbon cutting at the new Dog Park on September 7th. He spoke at a Welcome Back meeting for Putnam teachers. Mayor Falzarano is very busy and happy in his job.


Speaker: Putnam Mayor Tony Falzarano was the speaker this week.