Image Tuesday, Jan 31st  luncheon meeting was hosted by Putnam Science Academy.  80% of our membership attended the luncheon and with all the conversations going on everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Our luncheon was a very tasty Turkish cuisine   Eric Gould especially liked the concept of mixing meatballs with home fry potatoes and the members at my table had quite a discussion about puree eggplant.  Highlight change of the day was the mix up of tables, didn't see too many regulars sitting together.  We all know it is good to change our luncheon seating arrangements and mingle with other members.  Paul Duhammel, Dean of Students, Omer Seven, student head honcho of the Robotics Team, along with other students made us all feel welcomed.  They were great host.  After lunch it was business as usual, short business meeting, entertainment by Sergent at arms Bob Fournier and money man Keith with fine and happy dollar collection.  Then our spelling word of the day which the chosen lucky person and table misspelled.  After our entertainment, Omer Seven gave an updated talk on the robotics program and a little demonstration of the progress they have made on their robot.  After the demo we split into groups and were given a tour of the school by students.  A lot of work has been done to the school, especially the new auditorium.  Their next challenge is putting the library together.


As Omer Seven announced at the meeting on Saturday, Feb. 11th they are hosting "Battle in the Quiet Corner", at 1 pm at the school.  Teams from all around New England will be there holding live competitions.  Included in the program are engineering and programming workshops, live competitions and fun activities.  You and your families are invited and the students encourage you to bring your children and grandchildren to experience the activities.


I thank all the members for attending the luncheon and connecting with Putnam Science Academy.  Cindy