Posted on Jan 08, 2020
The Putnam Rotary Interact Club is ringing the bells at the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign which runs through Dec. 21 locally. Left to right: Interact member Layla Chavez of Putnam High and Putnam High freshman Jacob Tremblay. Photo by Roberta Rocchetti.
PUTNAM — Each year the Putnam Rotary Interact Club puts the pedal to the metal and raises thousands and thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army. All the money raised stays in the northeast corner of Connecticut.
The 2019 Salvation Army Kettle campaign started Nov. 29 and runs through Dec. 21 on Fridays and Saturdays, Interact members, students and volunteers throughout the neighboring towns are ringing the bells at the Putnam Walmart, Stop & Shop, Price Chopper and Putnam Supermarket.
Helping on the first weekend were:  Alexia and Ryanne Bourbeau Woodstock Academy (WA), Jordan Rukstela of Killingly High (KHS), Abe Antonelli of KHS, Kaileigh Martineau of KHS, Jacob Tremblay of Putnam High (PHS), Becky Dibenedetto of KHS, Jenelle Charron of KHS, Abby Driscol of KHS, Sarah Roberts of KHS, Abby Card of KHS, Jordan Dreibholz of KHS, Emma Redfield of WA, Tessa Houlihan of WA, Bryn Kusnarowis of WA, Brayden Cutler of Tourtellotte Memorial High School (TMHS), Leah Cutler of Thompson, Emma Durand of WA, Rachel Lambert of WA, Gina, Anna and Henry Burnham of Ashford Community School (ACS), Lynn Fontaine of ACS, Jason and Journey Horn of ACS, Melissa and Sophia McDonough of ACS, Sierra Girard of Quinebaug Valley Middle College, Quinn Lefevre of WA, Suzie Lefevre, Layla Chavez of PHS, Stella Du of WA, Daisy Li of WA, Christine and Colin Denaker of Dayville, Jocelyn Mayotte of WA, Aleya Wesler of WA, Brooke Nagle of WA, and Lily Brin of WA.
Rotaract members Haylee Olson, left, and Jeff Peiczarka. Photo by Roberta Rocchetti.
Helping ring those bells
PUTNAM — Boy Scout Troop 21 and the Rotaract Club helped the Putnam Rotary Interact Club in its most recent bell ringing for the local Salvation Army kettle campaign.
Scout Master John Ryan said “Bell ringing isn’t the only way Troop 21 supports the Salvation Army. We are very involved with their Food Drive in the spring.” Rotaract Club President Emily Barnes said: “They are happy to support the Interact Club which is also sponsored by Rotary International. It’s important to note that all kettle donations collected at the Putnam stores stay local.”
Volunteers included: Haylee Olson (Rotaract), Jeff Peiczarka (Rotaract), Heather Barnes, Lucas Barnes,  Emily Barnes (Rotaract), Makayla Tackson Tourtellotte High School (THS), Brayden Cutler (THS), Emma Redfield Woodstock Academy (WA), Tessa Houlihan (WA), Brynn Kusnarowis (WA),Emily Benoit Killingly High School (KHS), Guinevere Weiker Putnam High School (PHS). Cody Keene Boy Scout Troop 21 (BST21), Patty Gaffney BST21, Corarose Desrosiers, John Ryan (BST21).
Pablo Diezhandino and Francisco Carcano from Putnam Science Academy help with the Putnam Rotary Interact Club’s Salvation Army Kettle campaign. Courtesy photo.
Fund-raising is community effort
PUTNAM — The Putnam Rotary Interact Club was supported by the Creation Church of Thompson (CC), TEEG, Putnam Science Academy (PSA) and Northeast CT Women and Girls Fund (NECTW&GF) recently. Laura Moorehead from NECTW&GF said, “ I love supporting local charities and I love meeting people as I ring”.
Bellringers included: From CC: Karl and Kayla Hoffman and Bob and Deb Neundorf. From TEEG: Tom Bachand. From NECTW&GV: Laura Moorehead and Scott Moorehead. From PHS: Jacob Tremblay. From the Putnam Rotary Club: Roberta Rocchetti and Jonathan Tremblay. From the Woodstock Middle School: Taila and Kaelyn Tremblay, Reegan Reynolds. From Tourtellotte: Makayla Tackson and Katie Lamontagne. From PSA: Pablo Diezhandino, Francisco Carcano, Matheus Reis, Victor Reis, Patrick Cordero, Jamie Mendo, Luciana Guimaorales, and Tias Moto.
The Interact Club is also collecting winter hats and gloves. Bring donations to the collection box in the lobby of the Hale YMCA off Kennedy Drive.
Ringing Bell
Kate and Sophie Archambault. Photo by Roberta Rocchetti.
Wrapped up
PUTNAM — Dec. 21 wrapped up the Salvation Army Kettle campaign for the Putnam Rotary Club’s Interact Club — plus volunteers.
Volunteers this round included: Rotarian Dick Loomis and his grandchildren Maya, Livi and Max Gerum; Zack and Hunter Cordier (WA); Quinn and Suzie Lefevre; Emma Redfield (WA); Tessa Houlihan (WA); Sarah Tavares (WA); Amanda Bond (WA); Reagan Couture (WA); Caitlyn Sroczenski (WA); Kate and Sophie Archambault; and Michael and Roberta Rocchetti.  
The club thanked Putnam Stop & Shop, Price Chopper, Walmart and Putnam Supermarket for supporting the Putnam Rotary Interact Club and the Salvation Army Kettle campaign. Generally the group collects a very large sum and all the money collected stays in northeastern Connecticut.
The club’s collection of hats and gloves at the Hale Y off Kennedy Drive in Putnam continues.