Posted by Anne DeLaney on May 09, 2022
AT THE GONG : Nathan called the meeting to order at 12:17 pm.
Anne led the Pledge of Allegiance and offered a quote :
“It is every person’s duty to fight against this war”. – Alexei Navalny, referring to the invasion of Ukraine
Deirdre Fennessy, speaker
MEMBER MOMENT: Anne talked about things that are keeping her busy: Rotaplast, including an upcoming Rotaplast mission to Medellín, Colombia (July 24-August 5, supported by District 5150, looking for volunteers), and the challenges of living with an elderly dog and a new puppy (whew!).
WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE CLUB: Nathan described the 6 areas of focus of our club: Addressing Food Insecurity, Supporting Shelter for All, Protecting Women and Children from Domestic Violence, Educating to Eliminate Human Trafficking, Providing for Aging Populations, and Protecting the Environment. We discussed our various projects as they are aligned with these areas of focus: Extra Food (no updates), and the Konojel project subsidizing education and leadership training in an indigenous community in Guatemala (no updates).
Nathan noted our Club’s $20,000 donation/pledge to support Ukraine in their current crisis: $10,000 from our Club Foundation from the Rose Stone funds (going to a Rotary Club in Poland for distribution), and another $10,000 pledged by Brian McLeran to match Club member donations made through
Tony attended the Terra Linda School of Environmental Leadership event showcasing 10 exhibits of projects. He was very impressed.
Millie had fun attending the “Cole Porter Night” put on at the Jonas Center by the Novato club.
Nathan attended the San Rafael Club’s 100th anniversary (!) celebration. Our Club will celebrate 60 years in 2023-24.
May 7: Laurel spoke about the “Carry 5k Walk for Water”  event sponsored by the Interact Club of The Marin School this coming Saturday at 9 am. Participants will walk 5 k carrying as much water as they can, showing solidarity with the women and girls in so many parts of the world where they do this every day. The money raised will be donated to Water 1st, an organization that provides water systems to villages in targeted countries. For information contact or, or donate at
May 14: District 5150 Conference, San Francisco (Nathan, Anne, and Jeanne attending?)
May 20: Poster Contest Awards Ceremony honoring middle and high school artists, 7-9 pm at Riley Street art store, San Rafael
May 21: Club social: “Hello Dolly”  The Mountain Play dress rehearsal 2 pm. $48 adults, $30 children, with 10% discount if we have 10 or more in our group. Contact Millie or Laurel for tickets. Price includes free parking at site and a seat cushion rental.
May 21: Rotary Club of Novato “Western BBQ and Line Dance” 5:30 cocktails 6:30 Dinner, $45, at the Jonas Center. Contact
May 26: School of Environmental Leadership Terra Linda High School “Shark Tank” Awards night, 7-9 pm
June 4-8: Rotary International Convention, Houston (Nathan, Anne, Jeanne attending)
June 25: “Party Party” sun/swim social 1 pm at Brian and Laura McLeran’s house
August 28: Bocce Tournament, District 5150 fundraiser for Rotaplast, 9 am, contact Anne
SPECIAL MOMENTS : Wally will celebrate his wife’s birthday by making a $100 donation to the “Wally’s Kids” fund.
PROGRAM SUMMARY : Craig introduced Deirdre Fennessy, Resilient Neighborhoods Ambassador. Deirdre has been a Montessori teacher and a botanist, and is an enthusiastic graduate of Resilient Neighborhoods training programs.
Deirdre spoke about the impact of climate change, with drought, fire, heat, flooding, loss of habitat and biodiversity, and other problems increasing even more quickly than anticipated. Despite or perhaps because of our relative affluence, Marin County has one of the highest carbon footprints in the nation, and in fact higher than most countries. It will be our children and grandchildren who will suffer the sequelae of climate change. Hence the need for action, not despair.
Resilient Neighborhoods was founded in 2011 and is a project of Sustainable Marin. Its goals are to teach and provide resources to neighborhood Climate Action Teams to make household decisions aimed at reducing climate impact, and to build resilience in neighborhoods to deal with climate-related emergencies. Five-session courses are designed around small groups and are currently conducted online. To date, over 10 million pounds of CO2 pollution have been reduced.
Resilient Neighborhoods is partnering with Marin Rotary Clubs through the Marin Rotary Challenge program to reduce 1 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2022. Rotarians are encouraged to sign up for and complete the free 5 session course (Zoom every 2 weeks for 10 weeks total). So far, 9 Marin clubs are participating, including ours. A Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm series starts on June 16, and a Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm series starts on June 29. Toolkits and expert help in plotting your household’s progress are part of the course.
To sign up, go to, or contact Deirdre Fennessy at
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday17 May. Set-up: Tony
Adjourned 1:37   p.m.
Submitted by “Dr. Anne”