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Posted by Laurel Botsford on Nov 07, 2017
The meeting on November 7th was called to order at 12:20PM with the Pledge and Invocations lead by Laurel Botsford. We had 28 people in attendance..
We had the pleasure of having 9 guests for ‘Invite A Guest’ Day, including DG Ron Gin.
  • Our Food Bank efforts have a ‘Double Your Contribution’ initiative in progress. As of writing this our club has raised $730 for the year. Woohoo!
  • On Sunday, November 5th, 5 Rotary Clubs participated in sending home-style supplies to our troops for the ‘Pack For Our Troops’ efforts. There were 40 people who participated all together, packing 79 cartons of food and toiletries for both men and women. Participating Rotary Clubs included RC Terra Linda, SF Chinatown, SF Evening, SR Evening and Marin Evening.
  • A special Paul Harris award was given to our member Harold Lustig who is currently fighting leukemia. This is Harold’s 1st Paul Harris.
  • The RCTL Crab Feed will be held on February 24th, 2018 at the San Rafael Elks Lodge. More details to come.
  • Stephanie Thompson volunteered to be Chair for the Sunshine Committee – passed around cards for Harold Lustig for members to sign.
  • Marty donated $250 for the fire victims because of his new car
  • Tom gave $50 in honor of his nephew who qualified 37th overall in high school cross-country competition in Washington state, taking 20 seconds off his best time and making him 2nd on his team.
Marty gave an update on our member Harold Lustig who was at the UCSF Hospital having been diagnosed with Leukemia. Harold’s wife came in during Marty’s update to give us the news straight and to us all: Harold had received his first bout of chemo but it was ineffective. They were given the difficult ‘Atom Bomb’ approach or a 2nd choice of a viable but longer home treatment, which was preferred by Harold and his wife. Harold had a lumbar puncture to confirm if cancerous cells were in his cerebral-spinal fluid. They await the results. If some are found they can administer direct chemo, with a 10% success rate. Harold is in good spirits, knows the consequences and is a real fighter. We thank his wife for coming to let us know and extend them all of our support.
Nathan Cobert the raffle and the bottle of red wine; the green marble was drawn by Dick Kuhn
A Special Occasion for Achievements in the 6 Areas of Focus for the Rotary Foundation was celebrated when four of our members were honored for their Paul Harris achievements. Janet Hayward received a Paul Harris +1 stating that her interest was to help others in the mission of Rotary, Fan Tan Smith received a Paul Harris +2 and wants to make a difference, John Zeiter received a Paul Harris +1 and wants to make a difference with continuous contributions and Randy Gurrola received a Paul Harris +8 stating that he really believes in our organization and knows that the money will be used as intended for projects using 97% of what is donated.
DG Ron Gin presented today on the values of Rotary both internationally and locally and on the advantages of becoming a member of Rotary, and especially of RCTL. We are the world’s largest Humanitarian Organization whose name and Rotary wheel symbol come from the system of rotation used by our founders in holding the first ever Rotary meetings each time at another’s home. The wonderful Rotarian video Ron showed us had been adapted to focus at the end on RCTL with pictures of our club’s members in action.
At 1:38 PM