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                                      18 JAN 2010


PRESENT: Anne DeLaney, Helmut Sommers, Beth Huber, George Walters, John Zeiter, Cat Mulanax (Interact guest)



PROJECT AMIGO: Helmut Sommers has just returned from working in the Vision Clinic workweek in Colima. The clinic served over 1200 patients, providing glasses and vision services. It was a very rewarding week, and an added bonus was the opportunity to help release baby turtle hatchlings to the sea at a nearby turtle refuge.

During the trip, Helmut was able to help assess the proposed project to fund water purification units for which funds have been requested as a joint project with San Francisco #2 club. With his civil engineering background, Helmut viewed two units, as well as tried to assess the need in context of the overall situation. He voiced several concerns: the actual health impact of the current water supply may not be that great, in that there seems to be little or no mortality related to water-borne disease; the main problems may be more related to hygiene education in teaching children not to drink out of creeks and rivers; existing municipal water pipes do function although are often in poor repair due to lack of local municipal will or resources to repair them; and his observation that the two units that were reviewed in fact did not provide access for children to bring purified water to their homes. The goal of providing these units to approximately 400-450 schools in the district would cost upwards of $2,000,000, and Helmut raised questions about the cost-effectiveness of this large effort, with benefits that are not easily measurable.

A roundtable discussion of these issues occurred. In the end, members of the committee felt that the concerns that were raised were significant, and that funding of this project should be deferred pending further information. Members discussed the larger picture of how we could best support Project Amigo, and the feeling seemed to be that supporting educational efforts through sponsorships, and outreach to the poorer, more peripheral areas around Colima were perhaps of greater importance than support of this water project.

ACTION: Anne will communicate our concerns to Nine Ladow of San Francisco #2, and further pursuit of funding of this project will be deferred. As far as support of Project Amigo, the idea to have a table and display at the Crab Feed was proposed and supported. Anne will check with Irv, Millie, and Tom about whether Project Amigo can put up an information/donation table at the Crab Feed; if approved, John and Cat will help to organize it.

In addition, Ted and Susan will be visiting our club and giving a presentation on 20 April. That will give us an opportunity to discuss concerns about the water project with them.

FOLLOW-UP: Update at the next meeting


ROTAPLAST: Anne will be assuming chairmanship of the Medical Committee and will be leading some reorganizational efforts of same. Beth reviewed the issues about the funding of the upcoming trip to Egypt. Rotaplast has apparently not been able to secure partnering by another district, and so 5150 is now looking at needing to raise up to the full $100,000 to sponsor the trip. The Fisherman's Wharf club has been asked to try to make a significant contribution. The Super Bowl party is one venue for trying to raise that funding, and the plans and flyers are now prepared. Beth is seeking volunteers to promote the event at the other Marin club meetings over the next 2 weeks. Several contacts were identified, and will attend and promote the event. Beth hopes also to seek donations from certain private donors who may be interested.

Anne will be going to Venezuela on a Rotaplast trip in 2 weeks, and will try to develop storylines about patients, to be used for explaining and promoting Rotaplast at club events and fundraisers.

The idea of setting up a booth at the upcoming District Assembly 27 March was raised and felt to be an appropriate venue for promotion and fundraising.

Anne queried Beth about the status of Zimbabwe going through the site vetting process in Rotaplast. This is apparently in progress, with promising results. Beth is enthusiastic about this site as our club's sponsored trip, and thinks that the trip can be combined with a Rotavision mission. Anne stated that the club needs to identify a target site soon, to help provide impetus for fundraising.

ACTIONS: Beth continues to collect donations for the Super Bowl event auction, and distributed fliers for use in promotion. Volunteers will speak at various Marin clubs.

Beth will contact Steve Wright, Assembly Chair, re setting up a booth ( , 650-208-4819).

Anne will review the site selection process regarding Zimbabwe with the appropriate Rotaplast personnel.

Cat indicated that she and the Terra Linda Interact club would like to become more involved in supporting Rotaplast activities. Anne will explore further with the Rotaplast office and Medical Committee

FOLLOWUP    :  Super Bowl fundraiser and other funds for the Egypt trip will be reviewed at the next meeting.  Site selection for the club's 2011 sponsored trip should occur within the next 2-4 months.


BOOKS FOR AFRICA AND ASIA: Helmut has run into significant difficulties with both the Vacaville club support and project personnel, and the proposed recipient, Johannesburg, which has failed to come up with sufficient support and has failed to sign the RF application. As a result, the two containers have not yet been shipped and will need to be re-inspected. Helmut is trying to work out a more congenial and reliable African partner club, and desperately needs an adequate staging location here. The project needs a warehouse with approx 1000 sq ft space and a loading dock (with forklifts).

Cat noted that there is a stack of more than a hundred math textbooks at Terra Linda High. Helmut will pick them up. Terra Linda High students are currently forming a committee to organize a book drive, tentatively for March.

ACTIONS: Anne and Helmut will try to make an announcement at tomorrow's club meeting about the need for warehouse space, and will ask to identify 2-3 people in the club who may have contacts or leads for such a space, or who will make phone calls to help Helmut follow up leads.

FOLLOWUP: Review progress at next meeting


PRECIOUS LIFE: Beth obtained a private donation and completed the application for DDF funds for the borehole water project. The project has been reviewed by the District's water project review committee, and is moving forward.


GSE: Christine was not able to make the meeting, but forwarded an update (not available at the time of the meeting): The Italian GSE team has been chosen and is expected to be hosted by Novato/central/south Marin approx 22-29 April. The GSE committee is excited about being able to participate in an Italian food and wine RCTL WCS fundraiser at AG Ferrrari during that time if it can be arranged.

ACTION: Anne will work on that food and wine fundraiser.

FOLLOWUP:  Initial planning for that fundraiser will be presented at the next meeting


ECUADOR MICROCREDIT: Anne reviewed that the project has successfully now funded many small loans and the repayment rate remains good.


FUNDRAISERS: In the works:

Super Bowl party to benefit District 5150's Egypt Rotaplast trip: 7 Feb, at Servino's


Art Show: Anne mentioned that George and Donnalei Sumner have invited her and 2 other local artists to display their work along with George's at their studio/gallery in Feb and March. They have offered to host 2 show receptions, and would follow their practice of donating a portion of all sales to selected causes. Donnalei notes that they would like one to be for Haitian relief, and the other could be to benefit Rotaplast and other RCTL WCS projects. They would support with publicity, refreshments, and possibly live music. Anticipated revenue might be approximately $1000. Anne will pursue this. If successful, future art events could be planned (with other artists?)


AG Ferrari wine and food event: aim for late April to coordinate with GSE visitors. Anne will contact AG Ferrari and initiate organization,


Bocce ball tournament: August. Will need to begin planning within next 2 months.


Spy Plane presentation: 22 or 29 Sept. Millie has been in contact with Brian Schul, who is OK with those dates, and is working on a venue.




SHELTER BOXES FOR HAITIAN RELIEF: Beth brought up this timely Rotary project which can help to provide emergency relief for those displaced by the quake. Beth and Anne will remind the club members at tomorrow's meeting of this opportunity to sponsor or contribute to a lifesaving measure. Information will be presented at the meeting.


NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 8 MARCH 5:45 pm at Helmut's house


Submitted by: Anne DeLaney

18 Jan 2010