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Observer for September 18, 2018

Posted by Jeff Moss on Sep 19, 2018
At the Gong:
     After delaying opening the meeting to accommodate your tardy bulletin writer, Pres John opened the meeting. Yours truly started us off with the Pledge of Allegiance and mis-quoted a great man, Alfred E. Nueman, "Why me worry?". Marty was quick to point out that Mr. Nueman actually said "What, me worry?". Thanks Marty!
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:
     We had a few guests and visiting Rotarians, but I did not get all their names. I did notice Molly Tackabery (spouse of PP Craig and a participant in the Columbia Rotaplast trip) and Gary Alt (spouse of the Honorable Dr. Anne Delaney and technical assistant). A special visit was paid to us by Donna-Lee Young, President of Rotaplast. Donna and I had some dealings regarding Ed O'Neil's estate, and I could tell she was dedicated to Rotaplast and its mission of providing surgeries to kids with cleft palates and lips. 
What is Going On in Our Club:
     Sept 23 - Bay Cruise. Join us for a great time on the Bay and lots of Rotarian Camaraderie. Go to for your tickets and more info!
     On Saturday, September 29th, a Past Presidents’ Luncheon will be hosted by Lauren and Brian McLeran at their Novato home—you won’t want to miss it! Check your email for the evite or contact Brian.
     Start training for our November 18 Poker Night fundraiser. Great time, and for $100 you get $3000 in chips (no, Jeff, they are not redeemable for cash!) food and more.
      Sunday, November 18th, is especially busy—Midday, Rotarians will be packing Care packages for our Armed Forces members overseas, and later in the day there is a Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament at the Marin Community Center.  Our first  ever Poker Tournament was very successful.  Ask either Brian W. or Nathan C. for more info.
Special Moments:
     In what was a quintessential "Special Moment", Millie A. presented our very own Dr. Anne with a very special thank you and award for all her work for the Club and for Rotaplast. Millie commented that she could see from the other medical professionals who participated in Columbia that Anne was very respected, and that is is so around the world; she has gone on at least 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN!) Rotaplast trips. This is a well deserved award for someone dedicated to all Rotary stands for. Congrats and a big thank you to Anne from all RCTL members, past, present and future for your service. But the real reward for Anneis found in the kids who will be eager to smile at their families and friends and whose lives she have altered in such a good way. I will be going on a trip next year and I encourage every Club Member to try to do so. 
     Anne Delaney donated some $ to the Club Foundation in honor of the firefighters and other First Responder Heros who helped with the Irving fire. Anne told us the fire was really close to their home and they were under an evacuation order.
     Raffle—Nathan C. was the winner for a bottle of Merlot to be provided by Jeff Moss.
     Marble—Brian W. drew a green marble.
Program Summary:
     Millie presented a slideshow of their trip to Columbia. Once again I was struck by how much this short term effort yields such consequential and permanent results for the lives of the kids who have suffered so much due to an affliction they have no control over. These kids go from being ostracized and rejected to living a full and participatory life. Once again I heard the same thing from Millie and Anne that I have heard many times over the years: Participating in a Rotaplast Mission is a life-changing event. We should all be proud as Rotarians to support these missions, either with our time or our treasure.
Jeff Moss