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Observer for March 20, 2018

Posted by Brian Waterbury on Mar 21, 2018
AT THE BELL:  President Randy called the meeting to order at 12:20pm and I, Brian J Waterbury, lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Thought for the Day, “Somewhere, someone else is happy with less than you have.”
At 12:32pm President Randy reconvened the Club for the start of the business part of the meeting.
VISITING ROTARIANS & GUESTS:  There were no visiting Rotarians and Christine G. brought her guest “Tony.”
WHAT'S GOING ON:  Saturday March 17 2018 the LL&D Assembly was held and RCTL had 8 members attend.
Sneak preview of next year’s Rotary Theme (Incoming President John Zeiter’s term) is:  “Be the Inspiration.”
5150 District Conference is coming up, May 4 – 6, with District Dinner being held on Friday night, May 3, more to be revealed soon.
Exciting News!  If we get 20% of our members to register for the District Conference, we become eligible for one FREE ride to the next Water Project!!  (Notice I said “eligible,” no guarantees).  That is a measly 6 people from our Club. 
Incoming President John Zeiter announced Rotary International Conference will be held in Toronto Canada, June 22 – 27, 2018,, eh?
Rotoplast:  Millie Andersen announced that the RCTL Board approved a matching Grant of up to $3,000 for upcoming Rotoplast trip.  It appears that 5 RCTL members are scheduled to take part in this “Mission.”   Millie wants to raise at least $1500 in the next two meetings to qualify for the Clubs generous matching grant, thus the following donations came pouring in:  Nathan C = $100, Tom M = Unknown but a lot, President Elect John Z = $100 (also for Birthday last week), Marty M = $100 (also for anniversary) and Brian W = $500.
ROTOPLAST FUNDRAISER:   “Poker Night”:  Sunday, April 29, Dinner at 5:00pm, Tournament starts at 6:00pm.  To be held at Marinwood Community Center 777 Miller Creek Road, San Rafael, Ca.  $100 Buy-In each.  Not sure what Grand prize is but Top Three Winners get prizes.  Nathan implored club members to download flyers and letter he sent out and send them to family and friends to drum up participants for “Poker Night.”
Marty M told of Rotary Night at the Movies, Classic films will be shown on April 17, 2018, May 3 and May 15 2018.  Email to Club members to follow with particulars.
Sunshine Call:  Stephanie T and Elena V are taking a leave of absence for awhile.  Harold L is doing “OK.”
Steven Manning  (prospective new member) acceptance process has been put on hold while Steven takes care of some family issues.  We look forward to seeing Steven back shortly.
IMPORTANT:  Original Set Up Calendar HAS CHANGED!  Check the schedule for new assignments.
Meeting of April 17 is “Invite a Guest Day.” Please bring someone you think would make a GREAT Rotarian.  Also, good opportunity to bring someone should know more about Rotary.  Guest Speaker will be Dr. Gary Ault (the Black Bear Whisperer).  Rumor has it that the District Governor might make a surprise visit.
PROGRAM SUMMARY:  Marin Municipal Water District long time (24 years) Board member, Jack Gibson was the Guest Speaker. 
Mr. Gibson gave a brief history of the Water District and its relationship with Mount Tamalpais.  Did you know that the MMWD was established in 1912? 
According to Mr. Gibson, Marin hasn’t been in a drought, the State of California has but not Marin.
According to Mr. Gibson Marin has a 2 year water supply on hand for right now pending no serious heat wave of 4 or 5 days.
The question was asked:  “why not raise the existing Dams?” well, most of our water source comes from Lagunitas creek  and the State of California has placed restrictions on how much water MMWD can take from the creek.
Director Gibson stated that Conservation has greatly reduced water consumption in Marin. 
Did you know that 25% of our water comes from the Russian River? 
What about Recycled water?  Cost too much but some new housing projects are being plumbed to accept recycled water for future use.
The Director talked about the ongoing discussions about “regionalization” of water districts and says it’s inevitable that consolidation will take place.
What about consolidating North Marin Water District with Marin Municipal Water District?  There have been discussions between the two Boards but disparate water rates are an issue. 
Why do we have fluoride in our water?  Mandated by Local Law.
Raffle Prize:  Expensive bottle of wine won by Wally C.
Marble:  Yours truly won the opportunity and drew a greenie.
Well Folks, that about wraps it up.  If you are in the vicinity of the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, this coming Sunday, March 25 at 3:00pm you’ll get to enjoy a FREE vocal concert performed by our own Donna Moss (Jeff’s Wife), being billed as one of the Top Performances this year.
Observer by,
Brian J Waterbury, Past President 2005 – 2006