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Observer for April 17, 2018

Posted by Dick Kuhn on Apr 23, 2018


President Randy hit the bell very close to 12:15 . Dick Kuhn led the pledge and gave the thoughts for the day, which stressed giving it your best shot and staying upbeat. Then we started our mushroom chicken luncheon accompanied by some good looking cookies for those whose glycemic levels needed enhancement. Since it was an “invite a guest day” there was a larger turnout than at a recent A’s game…well almost.



There were two visiting Rotarians including guest speaker and current district governor, Ron Gin, from the SF Chinatown Club as well as Brigette Waterbury, Brian’s spouse, from the San Rafael Harbor Club. Guests included Paul Valles(Laurel B), Debra Sellers(Millie A), Jaime Ortiz(Janet H), Rindy Selig(Harold’s spouse), former member Tim Long and guest speaker, Dr Gary Alt(Anne D’s spouse).


Brian McLeran raised money for Laura McLeran’s club project by selling See’s candy pops to almost everyone present for a sweet price.

Rindy Lustig gave an update on Harold whose health is improving and said he will probably be at the next Installation Dinner.

Three Rotaplast Colombia July 2018 fundraisers are coming soon on April 29, May 10 and May 15 so mark your calendars. Co-sponsored by your RCTL and San Rafael Evening RC.

First up on April 29 is the Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament at Marinwood Community Center with 5pm dinner/registration and 6pm start tournament. Only $100. total for buy in, dinner, MC Fair’s Award Winning Home Brew and beverages. Cash prizes to top 3 winners. Add-ons and Re-buys will be available. Seating is limited so recommend sign up by April 24. Questions?

Second event up will be on May 10 and is the Incavo Wine Tasting at Incavo Wine Lounge 1099 4th St San Rafael from 3pm until 11pm. Fellowship, great tasting wine, raffle prizes and karaoke with 20% of sales to the project. Also co-sponsored by San Rafael Harbor RC. Ask Craig T if you have any questions.

Third up will be on May 15 at 7pm and is Movie Nite at the Lark Theater 549 Magnolia Ave Larkspur for the acclaimed comedy Some Like It Hot. Just $25. per ticket with stars including Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis , Jack Lemmon and many others. Tickets at

Tim Long gave a report on the Interact Club trip to Sacramento on May 21 which our club sponsors. The meeting with state legislators includes transportation and lunch.


Janet Hayward will retire at the end of this month and contributed $100. to Wally’s Kids. She introduced Jaime Ortiz who will succeed her as the Bank of Marin Branch Mgr at Northgate.


Brian McLeran won the raffle prize and then Brigette Waterbury picked a green marble.


We were fortunate to have a double header of outstanding speakers who are familiar to the membership.

DG Ron Gin lead off with an interesting and detailed presentation geared to potential new members and newer members covering Rotary, the Rotary Foundation, Polio Plus, RCTL and Rotary Partners including history, accomplishments and current status. From Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905, to Arch Klumpf starting the Rotary Foundation in 1917, to Herb Taylor’s 4 Way test in 1954, to the RCTL chartered in 1964, to Polio Plus in the late 80s which reduced polio worldwide from 1000 cases per day to less than 10 per year, he covered a whole lot of Rotary accomplishments.. He also gave credit to club members who have gone on multiple Rotaplast missions including Dr Anne Delaney with 16 who was district 5150 Rotarian of the month last November and will be the medical director for the Colombia trip in July. Brian McLeran received recognition for 9 Rotaplast missions as well as the Dictionary Project he has spearheaded. Well done Ron!  

Dr. Gary Alt, bear expert, gave us another great series of bear stories including how he fearlessly gathered data on bears in Pennsylvania during hibernation season. If he didn’t have pictures to prove he went into bear dens you’d think he was pulling your leg. During his 25 years of following Pennsylvania’s bears, he tagged and marked them for follow up study and used telemetry to track the habits and growth of over 500 black bears. Some bear facts: baby bears leave the their mother after 18 months, a male bear can weigh over 600 pounds and the female is a mere 230 pounds but it does depend on the feeding season. Black bears are vegetarians and won’t want you for lunch but don’t try to outrun, out swim or out climb them because they run 30 mph, swim fast and climb quickly so be nice to them and give them room. Another entertaining snapshot of nature by our favorite bear guy.      

Dick Kuhn