Sep 23, 2020
Mr. Mervin Jackson
Principal of Warren Easton Charter High School

In June 2018 Mr. Mervin Jackson was appointed as Principal of Warren Easton Charter
High School and in June of 2019 was named Principal/CEO till present.
Mr. Jackson has been in education for 23 years serving students at Edward Phillips Junior
High School, Lord Beaconsfield Landry High School, Eleanor McMain Magnet School and
in 1999, he continued his career at Warren Easton Fundamental Magnet Senior High
School. In September of 2006, he was instrumental in assisting with reopening the school
following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
Mr. Jackson has held many roles over the years including coach, teacher, disciplinarian,
Assistant Principal for six years and now Principal/CEO.
Mr. Jackson holds a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from Xavier
University of Louisiana. He also received a Principal Certification from the School
Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans. He is also a founding member of The Alliance
for Diversity and Excellence, which is a group of African-American Educational leaders
from the Greater New Orleans area that advocate for Charter Schools and autonomy for
all students, parents, and leaders.
In July 2018, Mr. Jackson was chosen as a visiting Principal by the Accelerate Institute of
Chicago. The Accelerated Institute of Chicago cultivates and transforms current School
Principals to grow transformational Leaders in the field of education.

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