Online Registration
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute
725 Howard Ave
5th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States of America

Parking info for in-person meeting in P147 or P148 lots (Step by Step Instructions Below):

4 Hour $6 rate for lunch will use NOCHIL   App, text-pay or camera pay will all work.  

The parker must select the 4-hour rate, and they must use the Premium Parking App, text-pay or camera pay.   They cannot pay at the pay station.

Step 1: Once the Premium Parking App is downloaded, enter the Parling lot number (147 or 148)

Step 2: Choose "Start Parking"

Step 3: Enter email address or phone number for logging in

Step 4: Create Password

Step 5: Receive verification code either by your email or phone number (entered in Step 4) and enter it when prompted

Step 6: Choose 4 hours for parking duration

Step 7: Enter License Plate, State, Make, Type, Color

Step 8: Apply promo code:  NOCHIL

Step 9: Submit payment

NOTE: Parking can be reserved in advance of the luncheon if you choose the "Reserve Parking in Advance" option instead of "Start Parking"

**It is recommended for simplicity’s sake, that everyone use the app.**


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