Our club is in good company worldwide in holding its weekly club meeting for the first time in 64 years as a virtual one on Zoom. 25 members were able to attend this first of a kind meeting, including three members who have been unable to join us regularly for a long time. There were few technical glitches and we all had a chance to connect. We are back to our weekly meetings on Tuesdays via Zoom. More information to follow.
President Bridget Jacob chaired the meeting, with support from Chris Offer, who set up the Zoom meeting
There was lots of interaction among members at our first virtual club meeting. This meeting by Zoom supports pandemic containment measures, but it also allows long missing members to attend and bring in speakers and guests from anywhere.
Ed Klassen joined
the meeting from
Elena Murgoci
joined from
Barry Irvine joined from his home
Simran Walia joined from her home