Posted by Peter Roaf on May 08, 2018
When a choosing a “safe” career or her dream, Dr. Patch Adams advised Professional Development Specialist and Training Consultant Dr. Vivian Ching, who also runs Happy Art, to stick to her passion and strength, art. She said why not do both?
Dr. Vivian Ching
Weekday ►Patch Adams ►Weekend
Professional Development Specialist
Training Consultant
Project Management Consultant
PhD in Quality Management
Master of Science Management degree
Master of Law (LLM) International
Economic Law degree
Prior Working Experience in Various Industries:
Special Projects for Data Centre Operations
at NTT Communications(GlobalFortune500)
Managed +500 stores and conducted
200+ new store proposals for A.S. Watson
Group  (Largest H&B retail chain in the
Financial Analysis & Business
Development at US Headquarters,Penguin Randomhouse (Largest Publishing Firm in
the world).
Strategy & Marketing for Knorr-Bremse
brake systems manufacturer for
rail/commercial vehicles).
Corporate Trainer with past clients
including Nomura, AIA and UBS.
Dr. Patch Adams believed in using humor
and charitable work to enhance
medical care, as
depicted in the Hollywood film, "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams
“What’s your dream?” he asked. Patch advised me to stick to my passion and what I’m good
at (art!)
Struggle between choosing a “safe” career
vs. choosing my dream...but eventually
came to
realize, why can’t I have it both ways?
“Colorful balloons” -- even a small splash of
color can change someone’s life -- began experimenting with colors
Happy Art founder
Inspirational artist
Art educator
Happy Art philosopher
Launched professional art career in conjunction with PhD studies during 2012
Developed “Happy Art” Paintings and sold internationally.
Held 11 exhibitions & 5 Auctions in 4 years.
70+ media coverage in newspapers,
magazines, music videos, TV
programs, film, advertisement and radio.
First Hong Kong Artist to showcase artwork in space
Patch made the world “happier” as
a doctor. I will do it through ART!
Puzzle-like designs
Solid contours
Bold colors
Abstract symbols that represent
“happy” concepts in life
Alternative interpretations to imply the importance of multiple perspectives
First public exhibit 2012International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (UK)2014 Official Christmas Card Design for University of Bath (UK)
"Glasses" selected for space
Preparing for launch to space outside Bristol, UK of art and Canon cameras with high-altitude balloon
Collaboration project with Canon Hong
Kong and Face In Space Ltd to send “Glasses” reprint to space during September 2014
President Ulf Ottho thanks Dr. Vivian ChingReaching 120,000 feet altitude air pressure inside balloon causes it to explode so payload can drop back down to earth via parachute