Posted on Sep 26, 2017
Silvercore training programs teach clients the theory in safely handling firearms and the practical knowledge through hands-on training to ensure some comfort level with the firearms they plan to use.
Nicholas Wong, of Silvercore Inc., based in Delta's Tilbury Industrial Park, told club members that five percent of gun-related incidents in Canada were criminal in nature. A higher percentage of incidents relate to accidents. By far the highest, however, relate to suicides.

Silvercore aims to make the safe handling of firearms among recreational users a priority to keep the accidents to a minimum.
For those on the job, police, sheriffs, corrections, border services, armoured car companies, government agencies and companies working in forestry, fisheries, mineral exploration, film, adventure tourism, among others, have used the services of Silvercore in workplace safety training in firearms, use of force and occupational health and safety.
President Ulf Ottho thanks Nicholas Wong