Posted on Jun 19, 2018
Stream of Dreams, an eco-education program which educates communities about their local watershed, rivers and streams, and encourages behavioural change to conserve and protect water is coming to Hawthorne Elementary School in Ladner. The Rotary Club of Ladner is supporting this new program with a donation of $1,500 from proceeds of sales of the club's 2018 lottery calendar, with thanks to over 60 sponsors and the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen. Salmon decorated by children in a school program stream across a playground fence.
Louise Towell, of Stream of Dreams (2nd left) accepts a donation of $1,500 from the Rotary Club of Ladner's lottery calendar sales fund to support its new eco-education program at Ladner's Hawthorne Elementary School, from President Ulf Ottho, and Ladner Rotarians Elena Murgoci and Peter Podovinikoff