With May upon us and the Rotary theme of Youth Service, it seems so apt that the theme of our District conference this month is Generations Serving Humanity. That’s not just a slogan. All of us, Rotarians of all ages, learn so much from our youth as they emerge as leaders in our communities and throughout our world. At our conference May 4 to 7 we are also hosting the Youth Conference for Interactors.
Christina Hassan is speaking at our conference about how Rotary Youth Exchange is equipping students to change the world and how important it is for Rotary to continue investing in the younger generation 
Photographer and videographer, 17-year-old Interactor Kyle Gomes, is speaking about helping tell other people’s stories based on his journey through photography in his own community and in China, South Africa and the Philippines 
One of the speakers at the May 4-7 District Conference is Rotary Peace Fellow Sara Eftekhar has created public service announcements about youth rights, contributed to a national advocacy agenda on youth priorities and has represented Canada at the World Youth Congress and at the first Global Forum on Youth Policies.
In Rotary, one of our key areas of focus is developing and supporting initiatives which help students and young professionals become strong leaders. We encourage clubs to expand opportunities for young people by forming relationships with other organizations and we coordinate among our clubs with Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Award and Rotary Youth Exchange.

In the spirit of Service Above Self, young people already make a huge contribution to our communities and to our world through Rotary. They are busy as Interactors at high schools generating donations to food banks, collecting used eyeglasses for people in developing countries, ice skating to raise funds for polio eradication, travelling half way around the world to help rebuild a preschool and orphanage and so much more.  Interactors enjoy doing all that and they are motivated to give back.

As college and university students, and young professionals, Rotoractors in our District’s eight clubs are learning among themselves and from others. They are also contributing to causes such as KidSport to help children gain more access to sports and physical fitness, mentoring programs for kids and eradication of polio.

We Rotarians can and do learn so much from our youth, but we can also take satisfaction that we are providing them with community service opportunities which help these students become better members of society for which our young people in Rotary are so grateful for our leadership, mentorship, and friendship as they too learn from us.