Posted by Chris Offer on Nov 12, 2019
Delta School District #37 is focused on achieving its vision of becoming a "Leading District in Innovative Teaching and Learner Success", according to School Superintendent Doug Sheppard. The District's focus on questioning and inquiry as methods of investigating both student learning and educator practice is central to the achievement of this work.
Superintendent Doug Sheppard, who lives in Delta with his wife and three children, gave an inspired presentation on how well students in Delta are doing educationally when compared to national and international standards.
In the most recent round of international Pisa tests, Canada was one of a handful of countries to appear in the top 10 for maths, science and reading. The tests, run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), are a major study of educational performance and show Canada's teenagers as among the best educated in the world.
They are far ahead of geographical neighbours such as the US and European countries with strong cultural ties like the UK and France. At university level, Canada has the world's highest proportion of working-age adults who have been through higher education - 55% compared with an average in OECD countries of 35%.
If Canadian provinces entered Pisa tests as separate countries, three of them, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, would be in the top five places for science in the world, alongside Singapore and Japan and above the likes of Finland and Hong Kong.
Delta students place in the top ranking of students in BC.
Delta School District #37 Doug Sheppard holds a BSc degree in Zoology from UBC and a Masters of Educational Leadership from SFU and has served over 25 years in public education, beginning as a Secondary School teacher of Math and Science followed by various school and district administrative positions in the Richmond, Coquitlam and the Delta School District.  Doug was named one of Canada's Outstanding Principals by the Learning Partnership in 2009.