Posted by Peter Roaf on Nov 27, 2018
ClubRunner is not only a valuable system to support the administration of our Rotary Club of Ladner, it is also a valuable tool for communications among members and with our community, enhanced through social media.
Members can set up their own ClubRunner accounts to manage their profiles, search for, and connect with, other members. Click here for help in setting up your ClubRunner account.
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Ladner Rotary Public Relations Chair and Webmaster Peter Roaf presented highlights of advice on club communications content and using ClubRunner and social media to get the word out.
A Rotary club should occasionally revisit the 4 Ps of marketing -- Product, Price,
Place and Promotion -- to keep on track. What is the Rotary club's experience of
achieving service above self in fellowship and friendship offered?
What is the objective price of running the club, but, for a prospective member,
what is the perceived price? What is the quality of meeting Place and is
Rotary seen wherever it operates in service to the community?
Marketing is not promotion. Promotion is one part of marketing. Please don't use
the old Rotary wherever the new one can be used. Consistent, accurate use of
the Rotary brand is important to build an attractive, professional appearance.
Member communications monthly through e-news, and monthly Bulletin which
can be shared with "friends" of the club, prospective members, and others outside
the club. Website, Facebook and Twitter, plus media relations
and advertising are various ways
Storytelling gets the Rotary message out by focusing on the benefit or outcome
of our service above self then Rotary's role in that outcome with many images
to describe what is achieved and how through Rotary.
The Rotary District 5040 website is a valuable resource in Rotary. For Public Image
and Public Relations one can visit
Peter Roaf talks about the valuable tool of ClubRunner for
communications as well as social media. -- photo by Mel Baly