Posted by Peter Roaf on Jul 04, 2017
Stream of Dreams is an eco-education program, for entire schools, that educates communities about their local watershed, rivers and streams, encourages behavioural change to conserve and protect water. It's a serious, but fun, way to empower youth to make a positive environmental impact, and create a community legacy of art.
50 years ago Byrne Creek in Burnaby ran
through the large wooded area
Today the large wooded area is commercially
developed, but Byrne Creek runs underneath
Port Guichon Elementary School in Ladner is
one of the schools where Stream of Dreams 
has presented its program
Children learn about natural habitat and 
streams for salmon and other wildlife
Salmon forms cut and ready for children to
paint once they have discussed the questions
Children get to paint their salmon once
they have learned more about streams
Finished salmon art is posted along fences at schools and parks  
Ladner has salmon streams (in yellow)
Louise Towell and Krystal Brennan (left)
with Past President Walt Hayward and,
thanking them, Past District Governor
Sonia Baron  photo by Mel Baly
"You can’t paint a fish until you hear the story," school children are told as they first discuss answers to these questions. 
Where is your local stream?
Where does the water in the steam come from?
How do stormdrains work? 
Where do your household drains lead?
Where does your drinking water come from?
What can we do to protect salmon and water?
What is the life cycle of the pacific salmon?