Posted on Jul 01, 2020
“Rotary Opens Opportunities.” That’s the theme for Rotary in 2020-21. Yet, for over its 63 years, Rotary Club of Ladner has been continually opening opportunities for its members, for our community and for our world. We are building relationships with other organizations near and far, and with the people in them as they too serve our community, they with us, and we with them.
Peter Roaf, President, Rotary Club of Ladner, 2020-21
That theme was experienced as Rotary Club of Ladner installed its new board of directors for 2020-21 at a virtual ceremony on June 30, 2020, officiated by the 2020-21 District 5040 Governor for 50 for the Rotary clubs in BC, Dave Hamilton.
"After the major setback for our entire community in recent months, and as we cautiously emerge from pandemic health restrictions," Ladner Rotary President 2020-21 Peter Roaf says, "Ladner Rotarians are re-engaging with themselves and our community through current and future service projects. We are re-engaging with ourselves in our work together because we want to be thinking of others and doing for others, together and in friendship, as we always have."
Board of Directors, Rotary Club of Ladner, 2020-21
The club has sponsored community parks, helped make the Delta Hospital a more pleasant place to be, cleaned up our streets and beaches, helped improve the lives and enjoyment of children, youth and families, and more. In recent years the club has sponsored the Ladner Rotary Splash Park and then the barbeque grills in Memorial Park for the enjoyment of families. Just recently, during the pandemic, we helped sponsor Mamas for Mamas, a local charity supporting low income, single mothers and their families.
“Those are examples of the main reason women and men of all ages join Rotary: to give back to our community,” Peter adds. “Each member was attracted by ‘service above self’ to improve the lives of others, to strengthen communities near and far towards their self-sufficiency. They stay with Rotary because of the fulfillment in the fellowship of working with others to get the job done, and in the friendships made in the process.”
Together Rotarians transform, connect, inspire, end polio as People of Action in “service above self”. Through Rotary, we find endless opportunities to make a difference here at home and in the world in ways we never imagined we could when we joined through six areas of focus:  
•  Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
• Disease prevention and treatment
• Water and sanitation
• Maternal and child health
• Basic education and literacy
• Economic and community development
Now a seventh area of focus has been added: our Environment.
“For 63 years Rotary Club of Ladner has served, changed and adapted. We will continue to do so, in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling for our members. They are leaders in their areas of knowledge and experience which they can share with other members so we can learn from them, as we get back to service above self as our committees help get us there.”